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Berman Health and Wellness in-person and virtual training is designed to give you a specific exercise routine to meet your needs.
You will first meet with your qualified trainer in-person or via virtual talk (for FREE) in order to discuss your wants, needs, and medical history which is important in developing a very specialized workout program. You and your trainer will discuss goals, limitations, and ideas of success.
In joining the Berman Health and Wellness Training Team, you will receive a very personalized workout program to meet your request and the recommendations of your trainer. This may be 3 days per week or 5 days per week.  As a part of the Blue and Orange Memberships, you will be taught the proper technique for each recommended exercise. As a part of the Blue and Orange Memberships, your trainer will discuss the key components to being successful in weight loss, muscle toning, and improvement of your medical concerns. Your workouts can be performed at your convenience, at your fitness center, or with the help of your trainer. As a Blue or Orange Member, you will have virtual daily follow up from your trainer to ensure success, happiness, and accountability. The Basic Personal Training Membership offers the Free Consultation and three personalized workouts per week.
Our goal is to keep YOU active, to keep YOU pain free, to keep YOU on the tennis court, golf course, or on the ground playing with your kids and grandkids.


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