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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What will in-person training provide me?
    • The in-person training will allow you to have an initial consultation with a certified personal trainer. Then your trainer will meet you at your regular training facility, teach you how to use the machines, proper technique for exercises, and provide a daily workout routine. The in-person training will allow for DAILY check ins for accountability.
  • What if I am a Virtual Personal Training Client?
    • If you are a virtual personal training client, you will have an initial consultation with a certified personal trainer to discuss your requests and concerns. Your personal trainer will get an idea of your fitness facility or at home exercise equipment (or none of the above) in order to develop a personalized exercise routine. You will receive personalized daily workouts. Personal Training clients will receive DAILY accountability check-ins.
  • What will PA-Fit Provide me?
    • PA-Fit provides a convenient, comfortable, quick, efficient, and effective online exercise program. The is a 6 week program which will provide the knowledge base for general health and wellness, techniques for important home exercise components, and five workouts per week. Every workout is designed to your own needs and will have the basic, moderate, and advanced versions so ANYONE can do it!  Following this six week exercise program, you will can joint the personal training team at a discounted rate!
    • Unlimited access to the videos and Exercise of the Day
  • How often are the workouts?
    • PA-Fit program offers 5 workouts per week.
    • Personal Training can offer daily workouts or less depending on what you and your personal trainer decide.
  • Am I held Accountable?
    • Yes! All Members (PA-Fit or Personal Training) will have daily check-ins from the exercise experts!
  • What happens after the first 6 weeks?
    • After you complete PA-Fit you will have the knowledge base to continue your own workout program or to join the Personal Training team.
  • Is there a meal plan?
    • Berman Health and Wellness does not offer a specific meal plan, though PA-Fit does offer nutritional tips for your workout needs. You can discuss basic nutritional questions with your personal trainer.
  • Do I need equipment for PA-Fit?
    • PA-Fit does not require equipment. Just a small empty space to complete exercises.
  • Do I need a fitness center?
    • You do not need a fitness center but can absolutely use one! PA-Fit is designed to be done at your inconvenience and where YOU are comfortable! The personal training workouts will be personalized to your fitness facility (at a gym or at your home).
  • Can I do this with orthopedic limitations?
    • Absolutely!! PA-Fit teaches all individuals how to perform exercises with specific limitations and also gives alternative options to exercises. Members of Personal Training will be able to discuss their specific limitations with their trainer at the initial consultation. If you ever have any questions, you can contact the trainer for more help!
  • How do I get started?
    • Click the Register Now button above!
  • Will I “Bulk Up”?
    • “Bulking up” or gaining muscle mass depends on several factors including genes, your specific type of muscle fibers, your meal plan, and the amount of weight you are lifting. This exercise program is not designed to cause “bulking” as we are recommending body weight or low weight exercises with proper technique, various speeds, and various repetitions. This is designed for toning and fat loss.
  • How much fat will I lose?
    • Individuals following a proper meal plan and participating in PA-Fit or Personal Training have reported a 1-2 pound fat mass loss per week. This is considered healthy, maintainable weight loss.
  • Can I talk with the trainer?
    • Absolutely! The trainer is available before, during, and after you commit to the PA-Fit or Personal Training Family!
  • Can I watch PA-Fit on an iPad, TV, or iPhone?
    • You can watch PA-Fit on any device at the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.
  • Is there a contract?
    • There is a one time purchase for PA-Fit without any other contracts or commitments. Personal Training will require an Initial Fee and then a weekly fee for daily exercise programs, but there is no long term contract or commitment.
  • What is my target heart rate?
    • The target heart rate is personalized to each individual. For further information about this, please contact your trainer or medical health provider. There is a specific Fat Burning zone for heart rate.
  • Do I have to take supplements?
    • You are not advised to take supplements, though supplements will be discussed throughout PA-Fit.  Each individual should contact their Medical Provider prior to starting any supplements discussed.
  • Will I be taught how to exercise?
    • Yes! PA-Fit teaches you how to do each and every exercise completed during the workouts! If you are a part of the Personal Training Family, your personal trainer will discuss proper techniques for exercises.
  • What skill level is this for?
    • This is for ALL people. All exercises can be altered to fit your needs.
  • How long are the exercises?
    • Each workout is approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the day.
  • How do I start?


*Please always consult your Certified Medical Provider prior to starting any exercise routine, nutritional program, supplements, medications, or other program.

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